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Friday, 13 September 2013

Where's September Going?

Looks like chances to work on the boat are going to be slim in September.

Last weekend was a family affair, with me spending both days over in Selsey. This weekend will most likely be sorting Jim's dinghy out in order to make it seaworthy and watertight and possibly sort his mooring at last.

The weekend after I may be doing more family stuff and then the last weekend of the month I'm away at a show in Sandringham with work. Unfortunately the distance means its a two-day job, rather than a quick squirt up there and back in a day. So the whole month boils down to one, possibly two weekends. Thats pretty frustrating!

Plans need to be hatched and a more concerted boat-sorting effort needs to be made!

However, I've amassed a couple more cheap bits: I got a hand drill at a car boot last week for a couple of quid, which means I can drill holes when I need to without relying on charged batteries. That means I can sort out and swap the old nav light for the new one thats been left in the boat. I can also drill the holes to fit Jims lights too.

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