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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Jobs Jobbed

A full and busy day today. I got the woodwork done and Jim tried out his newly sealed dinghy. Its bone dry now thanks to the epoxy.

I tried my £16 dinghy and its fine apart from a small leak.

Here's the woodwork before I sorted it:

Here it is afterwards:
All nice and weatherproof, but my arms ache really badly after all that sanding!.

I also checked out the charging circuit. The wiring from the engine to the regulator is a bit thin, so there will be a voltage drop down the wire. I'd prefer to change it for something more substantial, so charging is more efficient. Thats something I can do in the fullness of time as I don't think I'll be doing much cruising on the immediate future. The weather has changed now so the priority has moved from getting it ready to sail to getting it ready for winter.

When I got my dinghy on the shore I also removed a rotten piece of wood from the transom and fitted a new piece in its place. I'll attend to the leak when I find out where it is!

Here's the dinghy in all its cheap as chips glory:
At 12ft long its not far off the length of the yacht! Its an old Puffin Pacer (made by Puffin Paints and Glues, or Polycell Prout). As stable as anything and it seems huge: I can walk around the thing while its on the water. Although I need longer oars - £5 beach inflatable paddles really won't cut the mustard! But they'll do for now until I can find a proper set. I just won't be rowing round langstone harbour.

The wooden beam at the top of the transom was rotten and the dagger board is still there and going the same way, complete with slugs and woodlice. I'll remove it and see what can be done.

In the meantime I've brought the cabins step home from Sprite 2 and a few other wooden bits that need varnishing so possibly the dagger board will join them in getting refurbished.

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