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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Jobs for Today

Okay, here's my list of jobs:

1. Pick up my dinghy.

2. Drive to Eastney and check the seaworthiness of Jims dinghy.

3. Use Jim's dinghy to locate his mooring block and chain and attach a rope and buoy.

4. Fashion some sort of rowlocks for my oars on my dinghy and check if it floats!

5. Row out to Sprite 2 with oiled wood, sealant, tools, battens, sweep and other assorted gubbins for the boat I've been working on/with and/or will be needing over the next few weeks.

6. Fit battens to mainsail

7. Finally get to grips with sorting that charging wire and not get distracted.

8. Possibly have a crack at sanding the companionway woodwork ready for the teak oil if there's time.


I was beaten by the bad weather today. I got the dinghy but it needed some holes plugging so I got the epoxy out and did that and then I also fitted some rowlocks.

However the weather was dreadful, blowing a gale and rain, which didn't make hanging around for the tide to do the on-water stuff much fun. Even if we'd got out on the water the wind would have made things difficult so Jim and myself beat a retreat.

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