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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Culinary Corner (Number 1 of a Series)

Here I present the Skint Sailor System for liquid refreshment:

Okay I admit I haven't patented it yet. It looks like just an insulated mug, but lets have a peek at the important stuff inside:

What's inside is a couple of sachets of Kenco 3in1 coffee with milk and sugar already added. Enough to keep me going on the boat for a few hours. Just add boiling water!

Of course if you prefer sugar-free coffee, Kenco do 2in1 too. Now I'm the skint sailor, so why would I be recommending something that is more expensive than coffee on its own?

Well, once you weigh up the cost and inconvenience of storing coffee and sugar aboard a damp boat or caravan (most people have had to throw away a jar of coffee with a solid coffee lump at the bottom and the same with sugar) you appreciate an alternative that avoids the cost and mess.

With the skint sailor system the problems of damp are eliminated, as are the problems of carting fresh milk to the boat every time, or the problems of damp again creating a lumpy or mouldy mess in the bottom of the powdered milk container.

Just pop a couple of these sachets in the insulated mug and take to the boat. Once there, boil the kettle, open the sachet and pour into the mug and add the boiling water. The insulated mug extends the time the coffee stays warm on winter days which helps at this time of year. The Kenco sachets contain a healthy amount of coffee so you don't get wishy-washy brews

Of course you could just fill a flask at home and take it to the boat, but unless its a stainless flask there's a risk of breakage and consequent loss of beverage just when you most need it.

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