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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Mooring Buoy Sorted

Yesterday I also cored out the mooring buoy that exploded. I didn't want it to fill with water and put strain on the bow of the boat.

So, a few hours work with a sharp knife left just the core of the buoy on the chain, which I tied in place to become my anti-chafe collar. I used a large fender that Pam (the previous owner of Sprite 2) gave me when I picked Sprite up from her as my new mooring buoy.

All that's left of the old mooring Buoy:

I've tied the fender further from the bow to see if that improves its longevity.

Hopefully the fender isn't big enough to cause problems with the chain jumping off the bow roller too. A bit too late I suppose, but you never know what storms are coming at us in future.

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