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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

More Storm Damage

I work in Portsmouth so on my trip in from Havant, I pass the top end of Langstone harbour. To my surprise I noticed a mast very close to the main road, so thought I'd take a look.

This is the sight I was greeted with, yet another yacht cast adrift by the stormy weather:

Luckily for the owner there looked to be no damage and it was resting nicely against the concrete sea wall.

Sorry for the intruding finger in the pictures, but I was holding onto the phone for dear life as the wind was trying to rip it out of my hand and bowl me over!

Its quite a nice Jenneau so its obviously been looked after, but again I assume the mooring line has chafed and snapped. How easily thousands of pounds worth of damage can be caused by neglecting a few quids worth of rope... You can see the remains of the mooring bridle (the dark rope) still looped onto the forward cleats.

Anyhow I sent the pictures off the Langstone Harbour board when I got into work and they hopefully contacted the owner today. Not sure how they'd get it off the wall with the winds as bad as they are. I'll see in the morning if its still there. This morning it was secure, but its very accessible and there's no guarantee it'll be secure tomorrow.

I do keep banging on about it, but really there's no substitute for chain in weather like this, especially if you're leaving a boat for any length of time. Either that or go to extreme lengths to eliminate chafe. A bit of time and a few quid spent now can eliminate a disaster happening and reduce all our insurance premiums. Something the Skint Sailor approves of.

Although just to show it isn't us amateur sailors that have problems, on the southern shore of Farlington Marshes, a cardinal Buoy had washed up on the beach!

It was some stormy weather last night!

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