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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Lidl Bargains

I was in Lidl yesterday and they are currently doing some outdoor-oriented items that would be useful for boating.

The first one is the FM/MW/SW Radio here:

The only downside is the lack of LW for shipping forecasts, but the upside is it has a socket on the side so it can be powered by a 5 volt adapter. Most mobile phone adapters supply around 4.7 volts which should be near enough to power the radio. Its pretty compact too, so handy to have on the boat for a bit of background music.

They are also doing cheap binoculars:

At £7.99 don't expect Carl Zeiss quality, but I've always found Lidl and Aldi optical items to perform above what you'd expect at the price. I still have a set of boating binoculars I got from Aldi 5 years ago and they are the same as you see at boat shows going for £100 or more. I love them.

Other useful items are a 32-LED lamp and a pair of walkie-talkies.

It might be worth popping in and having a look...

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