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Friday, 9 January 2015

Bargain Boat

Boaty bargains are still around, especially at this time of year.

To prove it, this Alacrity just went for £41...

Now that's cheap....


  1. I agree about cheap boats seem to be lots on ebay at the moment. Well done for the pic contest. How are the boats looking around your mooring following the bad storms of last night. Michael

  2. Hi, Cheap boats tends to be a relative term because some can cost more than others to fix up, but this Alacrity seemed to have the mast and sails and just needed cleaning and TLC. Its a bilge keeler so can be dragged onto a car transporter trailer and transported easily. £41 is easily a bargain as I've seen wooden basket cases that are beyond saving go for more.

    But this is the time to pick up bargains as people sell desperate to avoid paying mooring fees in March. Plus its when the port authorities and marinas impound the abandoned boats and sell them to recoup fees.

    All the boats in the pond at Eastney are fine, and there don't appear to be any losses from the deep water moorings in the main harbour either.

    I think the losses last year taught people to beef up their mooring tackle although as yet we haven't had any 80-90 mph winds like we did last year.