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Sunday, 11 January 2015


Went down to the boat today for a couple of hours. The wind at the start allowed me to get on board.

One thing I noticed is its rather wet in the cabin. It looks like the wind and torrential rain have got through some of the deck fittings. So that's another job for the spring added to the list.

Before I came off the wind picked up considerably. The return to the beach was a lot quicker than the row out!

The cockpit lockers are still relatively dry so I can forget about them and instead worry about leaks into the cabin.

Luckily I have sealant left over from a few years ago when I did our caravan roof. So the fix will be cheap.


  1. Water makes its way into Serenity during a heavy rain, but I can't find the source. Even though there is a float switch on the bilge pump, I still have to make trips down to the marina during storms to make sure everything is working. A mystery unsolved for almost 10 years. Hope your fix is an easy one.

  2. I know where Sprite is leaking luckily. I can feel the dampness in the lining under the stanchions. But its been wet and windy for the past couple of weeks so the driving rain has found a few weak spots.

    Just a couple of extra jobs to get done when the weather improves.