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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Cold and Damp

After having a coffee aboard Jim's boat, I went on board Sprite 2 and found a bit of a mess. She'd been bounced around a bit and there were a few things thrown around the cabin.

It's still damp inside the cabin thanks to the leaking deck fittings. The damp seems to haver affected the electrics as although the solar panel was generating 17v, the battery was showing less than 10v. /to cap it all, only about 6v was getting to the accessories.

I think I know the culprit: there's a choc-block connector under one of the bunks and fiddling around with that seemed to intermittently improve things. By

So a new job for the spring is to rewire the solar panel directly to the battery and have the accessories fed from a continuous wire without the choc-block.

A bit of wd40 on the switches and fuseholders might help too.

Of course getting the cabin dry seems to be moving up the priority list now.


  1. It should be the top priority! I HATE finding water in the cabin as I feel it should be a warm and dry sanctuary, particularly in the cold wet weather. Just how much water gets in? Regards Carl

  2. There's not a lot of water in the bilges, its just that the roof and wall lining is damp. The inside is damp, not dry and anything that is getting old like the wiring is corroding. The problem at this time of year is access. The weather prevents me rowing out to the boat.

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