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Friday, 9 January 2015

Picture Perfect

Jim's picture of my sails came up trumps and the Boat Show people are using it at the show somewhere. Keep an eye out for it...

As a thank you we've been sent two free tickets. Very cool.

Here's the picture, I love it. Its the essence of our summer sailing.

And I think Jim is still in the running for the free Jacket...

Not bad for a picture just snapped casually with an iPhone...


  1. Seems a long way away, but daylight is a minute or two longer every day... nice picture!

  2. It's my favourite picture, Jim just was snapping away and it's one of those moments where everything comes together to make a great picture. I just sent it off on a whim and the boat show people liked it! We're going to the show on Thursday and I'm sure Jim will be chuffed if he sees it there.

    I have to keep telling myself summer is coming.. Last year I lost almost 3 months where the tides, daylight and weather didn't let me get on the boat. This year I want to get Sprite on the beach early in the year and crack on with some of the jobs that need doing. Some major work needs doing to the mast foot, so that may need a few days off work to get it done.