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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Home Sweet Home

I've been nipping down to Eastney on an almost daily basis, checking on the status of the sunken boat.

Well last night I nipped down after work and there wasn't a sign of an upturned hull to be seen at high tide. Maybe she had been recovered? I'd have to wait until low tide to be absolutely sure she hadn't sunk completely.

So I drove down there this lunchtime to check and surprisingly Sea Nile wasn't on the mud. So I walked down the beach and there she was, looking in a very sorry state:

Being upside down on the mud hasn't done it any favours 

Not sure if the weight of the hull broke the window or it was done during recovery.

All the locker tops have floated off.

The engine is trashed after 3 weeks under water.

The windscreen was flattened when it rested on the mud.

So after confirming the coast was clear I walked up to get the dinghy ready. Last night I'd put some epoxy on the hull to plug a small leak. There was no dinghy, but instead there was a cut rope.....

Bugger! I looked around and there was the dinghy up the beach. Obviously someone had "borrowed" it in the night and luckily I'd arrived at low tide because the dinghy was left below the high water mark. I dragged it up the beach and re-attached the painter.

Then, despite it being a force 4-5 I launched rowed all the way out to Sprite 2. It took a good 15 minutes crabbing along against the wind, but I managed to reach the boat and get aboard. Nothing was stopping me getting back in the pond!

Once I was sure there was enough water in the pond (3.6 metres on my phone's tide app) I motored around back to my mooring and hooked back on.

After a celebratory brew I packed everything away and rowed ashore back to the dinghy's normal place.

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