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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sunny Easter Monday

I had a flying visit down to the boat on Easter Monday. First thing I noticed was Sea Nile was still upside down and sunk. So maybe the harbourmaster will recover it next weekend and I can get back on my own mooring.

Why am I so eager to get back to a half tide mooring you may ask?

Well yesterday I was rowing against wind and tide and it took 10 minutes to row out to Sprite 2. Good exercise I suppose.

At least it was a sunny day so I could air the cushions and the cabin a bit while watching the world go by.

I watched a dredger go by...

Then a flotilla of dinghies went past. Very polite chaps from the nearby sailing club, scudding by with a cheery "good afternoon"...

But it really is a bit isolated out there. If I forget anything its a 15 minute row at least to get the thing. 

As of yesterday Sea Nile was still upside down on the mud. 

Not only that a fin keeler ended up on the beach on its side after breaking its mooring and dragging its teeny anchor. It must be the month for it.

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