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Monday, 6 April 2015

Temporary Home.

The chap whose mooring I'd moved on to to get away from the sunken Sea Nile complained to the harbour master as he wanted to put his boat on there this weekend.

So after a bit of a discussion with the lady at the harbourmaster's office, it was decided they'd let me use a deep water mooring and send the bill to the chap with the sunk boat. The harbour master never does anything for nothing... I guess the guy's insurance will cover the cost.

Anyhoo, on Friday I toddled round to mooring D3 and boy is it a deep water mooring:

That's the depth in metres

Its also a loooong way out from the shore. 5 minutes of rowing distance.

The bad news is I've not been able to take advantage of the all-tide mooring as I've had to replace my car. So Saturday and Sunday were taken up looking at cars and then collecting the chosen car.

This morning I had Ester Egg and birthday present delivering duties.

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