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Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Well, after 4 days of force 9 winds, things are slowly dying down. I've been down to the boat daily to make sure it's still there.

The sunken boa (Sea Nile) is now upside down on its mooring, but the harbour master has got in contact with the owner and he thinks he can refloat it and move it himself this weekend. Good luck with that one mate!

The owner of the buoy I'm on has complained to the harbour master that I'm on his buoy which apparently stopped him putting his boat on the buoy last weekend. A buoy there hasn't been a boat on since last August. It'll be interesting to see if the boat does appear on the buoy once I've moved off it.

The harbour master sympathised with the reason for my moving moorings, but of course they have to ask me to move. To that end they've offered me a deep water mooring on one of their managed moorings just off the main channel up the harbour (they're sending the bill to the guy who's boat sank: I hope he has insurance), so if the weather calms down I'll try and get on there at the end of the week. It's a bit of a hike in the dinghy though to get there, but it might prove beneficial for the weekend because I can scoot out of the harbour at any state of the tide as long as the flow isn't against me. I'll just have to make sure I get everything in the dinghy when I row out to the boat!

If the wind dies down early this week hopefully the Solent will have time to calm down and I can have a few pleasant days sailing.

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