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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Bargain Boat No.1

Just to prove my point about this Spring being the best bargain boat season for a while, here's a Seawych that sold on eBay this weekend:

Not a bad price.

There's another yacht on eBay that I'm trying to resist buying. It's a bit bigger than Sprite and its a bit of a drive to get, but the downside is it needs transport.

It's been on eBay for a week and hasn't reached £20 yet. No, it's not a wooden wreck either!

Must resist......


  1. If you're after cheap antifoul (and I was) then Marine Superstore at Port Solent are doing "Hempel Classic" (self eroding) at 35 squids for 2.5 litres... ignore the price label on the shelf (which was wrong when I was there) it does come out at the web price at the till...

  2. ooOOoo.... I might have to pay them a visit. Thanks for the tip.