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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Jib Sail Progress

Revitalising the jib sail has proved to be a more extensive process than the simple restitching of the Main Sail.

I started on it on Sunday. Here's the sail at the start:

First job was to strip off the blue UV strip and also the edge strip. The edge strip was easy to remove once the stitching had been cut, as it had the consistency of paper. I suppose due to decades of exposure to Sunlight.

I ended up with this pile:

I ended up with the sail looking like this:

The dark area at the bottom of the sail is where the UV strip should be.

Doing some measuring I cut three panels from the blue sailcloth big enough to fill the strip and also go around the back edge of the sail. I've fitted all 3 main panels now, the sail now looks like this:

the ends of the UV strip need fitting, but due to the thickness of the cloth at those points the stitching will have to be done by hand.

The machine stitching is a bit dodgy, but I'm getting better. I need to run a second band of stitching later to strengthen everything.

Once the leech strip is done, I'll start on the foot. I still should have enough blue sailcloth.

It's not the classiest job in the world. I'd label it functional rather than aesthetic.

By the time I've finished it I'll have the settings on the sewing machine spot on.

Just in time to forget it all again.... :-)

Although I might revitalise the spray hood next and the dodger is coming unstitched in places...

And I have some curtains I could cut up and use on the boat.

THEN maybe I can pack the sewing machine away.

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