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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Long Time, No Board

I Didn't get on Sprite last weekend as I was up North celebrating my Step Dad's 100th birthday. Worth every mile of the trip from the South coast I reckon. It's not every day someone you know reaches 100.

Not only did he get the card from the Queen, he also got a "congratulations for collecting so much in pensions" from the head of the DWP.

Most impressive though was a framed blessing from the Pope. I've never seen one before and didn't realise that the Pope ever sent anything on your 100th.

Anyway, two weekends looks to stretch to three, as this weekend I'm working on my car. The ball joints on the suspension are worn and need replacing for the MOT at the beginning of next month. Today I replaced the track rod end and would have replaced the lower front wishbone, except for a stuck bolt. It got doused in WD40 and I'll attack it with an impact driver tomorrow.

Getting back to the subject of the boat, the tides are very early or very late tomorrow so not ideal. I've done the usual flybys this week and everything looks ok.

I got the mooring fee renewal from the Harbourmaster on Friday. This year it's a month later. I swear there's more rules and regulations this year. Or maybe I'm just reading it this year...

But all that's not until the end of the month. Lets hope the car gets through the MOT ok!

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