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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Early Start and Sorry Sails

Early start today to get on the boat to remove the sails. The jib is pretty rough with the edging strip parting company from the sail itself as I lowered it and bundled it up.  The stitching on the main is a bit rotten in places as you can see on the photos.

First the jib:

The Leech Strip. In bits. Again.

It had lost most of its UV strip before I got Sprite.

The foot is nasty too.

As you can see the jib needs some work. The main less so, but it still has it's faults:

Stitching wearing thin at the head of the mainsail.

Here it's so thin it's not there!
And here...
And here!
So.... I've already got some sail thread off ebay and broken out the sewing machine, I just hope it's strong enough...

UPDATE: After two broken needles, I'm off to the local craft shop to get stronger ones.

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