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Sunday, 27 March 2016

No New Work but Building Up to It.

This weekend I've not done any work on the boat. On Friday I took the Wife out to Caen Hill locks on the Kennet and Avon Canal. It was scheduled to be the only good day of the weekend and it was a shame to waste it, so we had a road trip and a day out.

Very nice it was too, although I have a sore foot from walking, because with that and the pub crawl I did yesterday with some mates, I've walked a fair few miles this weekend.

Today is all about the car as the MOT is due.

But.... I've been ordering bits for Sprite ready to work on her in future.

The first is antifouling. Courtesy of Steve's comment earlier in the blog I got some Hempel Classic antifouling from Marine Superstore for £35, which is as cheap as Toolstation were selling Flag antifouling a year or so ago, before they discontinued it. I also got some Hempel waterproof primer (£20) as the antifouling needs a good base.

On Thursday the marine ply I ordered arrived. (£40) So I can make new locker tops as well.

Finally on Thursday I also received the gaskets for the 2.2hp outboard. Another little job that needs doing.

So once the car is through the MOT I'll be really busy doing boaty stuff.

I still need to get stainless hinges for the locker tops. I might paint them grey to match the hull colour this time rather than varnish them.

I just need some good weather and some early and late tides. I can get Sprite up on the beach then to get the work done.

Not quite the skint sailor with all the expenditure, but it needs doing. The antifouling is a sort of luxury, as I could quite easily just put Sprite up on the beach and scrub the weed off twice a year, but the Hempel is a late Christmas present, I'm not paying for it. :-)

The marine ply is a necessity as the locker tops are really warping despite having the cockpit cover over them. I stood on the port side one and its really spongy. So replacement is a necessity.

The gaskets for the small engine will hopefully get it running properly, so I can use it as an auxilliary for Sprite and as an engine for the dinghy.

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